U9-U12 Boys & U10-U13 Girls Own the Turf Schedule
Sep 27, 2016

DATE TIME Field 1(larger)                                                                  Field 2 (smaller)

Sunday Oct 2 11:00-12:00pm GERMANY v BRAZIL                             ITALY v CANADA
                         12:00-1:00pm ENGLAND v NETHERLANDS            PORTUGAL v SPAIN
                                                 No Soccer Sunday October 9

Sunday Oct 16 11:00-12:00pm GERMANY v ITALY                              BRAZIL v CANADA
                         12:00-1:00pm ENGLAND v PORTUGAL                   NETHERLANDS v SPAIN

Sunday Oct 23 11:00-12:00pm BRAZIL v ITALY                               NETHERLANDS v PORTUGAL
                         12:00-1:00pm GERMANY v CANADA                           ENGLAND v SPAIN

Sunday Oct 30 11:00-12:00pm CANADA V PORTUGAL                           BRAZIL V SPAIN
                         12:00-1:00pm ENGLAND V GERMANY                      ITALY V NETHERLAND

Sunday Nov 6 11:00-12:00pm SPAIN V GERMANY                                PORTUGAL V ITALY
                        12:00-1:00pm NETHERLAND V CANADA                     ENGLAND V BRAZIL

                                                                        No Soccer Sunday Nov 13

Sunday Nov 20 11:00-12:00pm BRAZIL V POTUGAL                            CANADA V SPAIN
                         12:00-1:00pm ITALY V ENGLAND                                  GERMANY V NETHERLANDS

Sunday Nov 27 11:00-12:00pm BRAZIL V NETHERLANDS                 GERMANY V PORTUGAL
                         12:00-1:00pm ITALY V SPAIN                                                      CANADA V ENGLAND

Sunday Dec 4 11:00-12:00pm ITALY v CANADA                                   GERMANY v BRAZIL
                        12:00-1:00pm ENGLAND v NETHERLANDS                 PORTUGAL v SPAIN

Sunday Dec 11 11:00-12:00pm (G1) 1st v 8th                                                       (G2) 2nd v 7th
                          12:00-1:00pm (G3) 3rd v 6th                                                              (G4) 4th v 5th

Friday Dec 16 5:30-6:30pm (G5) Winner G1 v Winner G4                                   (G6) Winner G2 v Winner G3
                        6:30-7:30pm (G7) Loser G1 V Loser G4                                               (G8) Loser G2 v Loser G3

                                                5th/6th                                                                                                            7th/8th
Sunday Dec 18 11:00-12:00pm Winner G7 v Winner G8                                                Loser G7 V Loser G8

                                                  1st/2nd                                                                                                            3rd/4th
                            12:00-1:00pm Winner of G5 v Winner G6                                                  Loser G5 v Loser G6

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