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Active 4 Life (Grassroots) Programming

2021 Outdoor Return-to-Play

Over the past year we have all faced many challenges to our sport schedules and to the rules, regulations, and guidelines.  The dedication of our members over that time period has been amazing. With the smell of spring in the air and visions of feeling the grass on our feet again, we are excited to release our preparation plans for the 2021 Outdoor season. Our Soccer Club has worked hard to build a pathway for all levels of player, while also meeting provincial and national criteria.

The PGYSA/PGFC Impact - Outdoor plan is based around the expectation we will be in Phase Two or Phase Three (Match Play permitted) of the Return-to-Play guidelines. If the Health authority mandates Phase One Restricted Distance Training during the Outdoor season, we will adjust our plan as required and communicate all changes to our members.

For more information, please visit the Outdoor Program pages in the Schedules, Active 4 Life, or Competitive tabs at the top of our website (

PGYSA Active for Life (Grassroots) League

The PGYSA Active for Life (Grassroots) League is a community-centred sport, practice and game platform for local youth. Formerly referred to as the ‘House’ League, the program name changed to align better with Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development Model. Our goal is to teach youth players to play sport in the right way by respecting the opposition, the officials, our teammates, and the supporters of both teams. The environment we strive to create is one that focusses on building fundamental movement skill, maintaining health and wellness, and creating a love for sport and activity. Active for Life participants from the ages of 6-11 are provided the environment to acquire game Technical and Tactical fundamentals. At the age of 12 players can decide to continue along the Active for Life path, or transition into the Club Competitive League (12-18). Participants continuing in the Active for Life League (12-18) are primarily motivated by fun, health, social interaction and relaxation. Many Active for Life participants eventually transition to adult soccer and register with the Prince George Soccer Association, or transition into another adult sport or recreational activity.