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Grassroots League (U6-U12)

What is the Grassroots Club League?

Body stability, alignment, tactile and kinesthetic understanding, locomotor and non-locomotor skills and manipulative skills with the hands and/or feet, are examples of the fundamental movement skills athletes are exposed to within this stage.

Games are modified to ensure athletes develop skill gradually and grow their proficiency over time. This ensures athletes are able to achieve success at their own rate and with continual exposure and reinforcement, an increase in competence and confidence, results.

One Training & One Match Per Week


Blocks for Ages 5-11:

Schedule for the 2019/2020 Season

Block One: November 13th - November 30th

Block Two: December 9th - December 21st

Block Three: January 6th - January 25th

Block Four: February 3rd - February 22nd

*2020/2021 Season TBD

Price Structure for 2019/2020

Age 6/8 - $160.00 + $30.00 Kit Fee

Age 9/11 - $190.00 + $30.00 Kit Fee


*Prices could change for 2020/2021