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Ref Room

Hello PGYSA/PG IMPACT Officials

Welcome to our PGYSA/PG IMPACT Ref Room page! Included here are the guidelines provided by our governing bodies that ensure your optimal development as an official over time. BC soccer and Canada Soccer sanctioned courses are included within the links below, these range from officiating refreshers as well as those looking to become an official through an Entry level or Small Sided games course. Also, helpful tips on officiating are provided through videos on this page. Please see the following links below on ways to improve yourself as an official.

FIFA Laws of the Game

Here are the latest FIFA Laws of the Game.

FIFA Referee Overview

Attached is a link regarding FIFA's overview and mission for all Officials.

BC Soccer Referee Pathway

Attached is the link to BC Soccer's Referee Development Pathway.

BC Soccer Referee Courses

Click Here for the latest referee courses offered by BC Soccer.

Tips and Tricks for Officials

Click here for a short video regarding some basic tips and tricks that could help you in your success as an official.

Signals for Referees and Assistants

Need a quick reminder of referee signals? Click here for a short video instruction.