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IMPACT/WFC BMO Academy Outline

The IMPACT/WFC BMO Academy brings modern best practices, training design, sport science integration, health/wellness, and social emotional support, together in a program designed for the dedicated Competitive and High-Performance player.  

Using our Five Pillars of Development as a guide (Technical/Tactical/Physical/Psychological/Social), specific teachings from each Pillar provide the holistic approach that today's player needs to reach next levels within the game. 

Essential technical/tactical principles and elements from our Club Playing Model are integrated into every training session. Starting at a young age, players are trained in the standards, terminology, and methodology, that will ultimately prepare them to play against higher level players and teams.

Leading edge sport science principles, long-term maturational age-based developmental philosophies and Academy sessions with certified coaches, align together to ensure athletes can play on the square inch and be confident in their abilities when attending identification and showcase opportunities.

With the introduction of technology and data acquisition to track High-Performance player and team performance outputs, it is important that the Competitive and High-Performance player be provided quarterly testing and weekly performance tracking opportunities. With higher level programs now requesting performance data from potential recruits, dedicated Club testing/tracking strategies and a commitment to recording player outputs provides better pathway guidance and direction.

Today's youth are facing many social challenges and it is important for Sport Clubs to provide mental and physical health support systems. Being part of something bigger and consistently being surrounded by players from a variety of backgrounds and experiences all working together for a common goal, helps prepare our youth to stay healthy and take on any future challenge.

Structured with a Health and Wellness pathway, developmental age based training groups, athlete and sport specific programming, sport science support and a webbed approach to building connectedness between Club members, pride in the Club badge and dedication to the Club ethos will drive us all toward our dreams and goals. 

For more information on the IMPACT/WFC BMO Academy programs, please contact us at: