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PGFC IMPACT/WFC - BMO Player of the Month

April 2021 - TBA

March 2021 - Victoria Schinkel

Name: Victoria Schinkel

Birthdate: 2004

What her coaches say: Victoria is our February player of the month for her leadership, professionalism, and work ethic. Always ensuring that every player, no matter the age, feels welcome, her leadership will hopefully one day transition into coaching. For the past three years she has been putting substantial work into her on-field and off-field workouts. The results are starting to show with her evaluations within the Technical and Physical Pillars increasing significantly over the past year. With a goal to one day play at College or University, she is well on her way to making this dream become reality.

February 2021 - Sarvin Saini

Name: Sarvin Saini
Birth Year: 2010

What his coaches say: “A high-level wrestler when not training in our club, Sarvin has made big strides over the past year. With his dedication and the support of his parents, Sarvin takes every opportunity to get time on the ball. Although game play has been restricted, we are using this time to work on Sarvin’s body alignment and his movement skill on and off the ball. A very coachable young player, we look forward to tracking his growth and development over the next few years”

January 2021 - Madelyn Bauman

Prince George

Name: Madelyn Bauman
Birth Year: 2010

What her coaches Say: Having trained in our High-Performance IMPACT/WFC BMO Academy since she was nine years old, Madelyn is an up-and-coming player and one to keep an eye on. Retaining a growth mindset and level of dedication equal with athletes many years her senior, Madelyn is a very focussed student of the game. The standout element of her skillset, is the ability to stay calm under pressure and secure possession of the ball in any situation. Additionally, Madelyn maintains exceptional balance and coordination that allows her to make corrections on-demand.