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PGYSA Outline

The Prince George Youth Soccer Association (PGYSA) has been a staple of the Prince George youth sports scene for many decades. Providing Recreational and Select level programming, the PGYSA has successfully developed many Officials, Coaches, Players and Teams.  

In fall 2018, the PGYSA started transitioning to a Governance model, where day-to-day running of the organization is conducted by a Director of Club Operations. With provincial and national membership standards and guidelines increasing to meet modern best practices, local sport organizations have been required to continually adapt.

To meet the required standards and to prepare for the future, the PGYSA is realigning its organizational framework. In line with our 2021-2025 Strategic Management Plan initiatives, the PGYSA has been designated as the Club department responsible for all Active 4 Life programming. Fun and enjoyment for all young grassroots participants is our core initiative, while also providing the dedicated Fundamental Movement Skills that help all participants develop movement competence and confidence.

Examples of PGYSA administrative responsibility includes all Bylaw and Policy development, website maintenance, participant registration, rentals and program scheduling at the Rotary Fields and the Indoor Clubhouse, organization and registration for all Small Sided Coaching courses and officiating courses.

With a dedicated role and responsibility, the PGYSA is working to meet its 2021-2025 key strategic objectives. The PGYSA, identified by an updated branding and marketing strategy (designed by local company Splash Media), looks forward to growing the organization and providing a pathway and a roadmap for every Active 4 Life participant.  

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Operating under a National Sport Organization (Canada Soccer) and a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), the PGYSA/IMPACT is referred to as a Local Sport Organization (LSO). Any LSO that is a member of Canada Soccer is defined by Canada Soccer as a Club and are required to follow the guidelines set forth by our governing bodies.

Over the past few years our sport governing bodies have implemented updated programming standards and criteria for its members. For example, Clubs are now guided by Sport Policy 2012, Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing guidelines, Grassroots guidelines, and supported by Quality Sport Hub Operational guidelines.

To meet the criteria that has been passed down to LSOs from our Sport Governing bodies, the PGYSA organized its programming into three separate Streams (Sport Policy 2012) in 2019. With the PGYSA overseeing all Active for Life (Grassroots) programming, the IMPACT oversees all Competitive and High-Performance programming.

The Competitive League is the former Select program that has been updated to meet modern standards and now provides an internal competition platform for the player seeking a more serious level of play. To ensure High-Performance player development standards are provided to the player that is looking to eventually play at higher levels, the IMPACT/WFC BMO Club Academy provides 5-Pillar (Technical/Tactical/Physical/Psychological/Social) holistic training to the soccer-first player.

All staff working within the Competitive League and Club Academy have met or are working towards minimum Technical and Theory Coach certifications. This ensures our Club provides a quality programming standard to each member and drives us closer to meeting the highest Club certification standards (Skill Centre/National Youth Club License).

For more information on the PGYSA/IMPACT Competitive and High-Performance programs, please contact us at: