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Canada Soccer Club Licensing

Club Licensing Program

The Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program is designed to guide member organizations throughout the country toward best principles for organizational development both on and off the field. Member organizations play an essential role in the development of players, coaches, and officials and provide both the daily playing environment and primary contact for participants. By raising the standards of member organizations, both the daily playing environment and participant experience are enhanced; thereby improving the overall soccer system in Canada.

The Soccer Club

Within the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program, the soccer club is defined as being any organization that is a member of Canada Soccer either directly or affiliated through membership with a MA that registers players and coaches and delivers soccer programming. The status of the organization as either not-for-profit soccer clubs, private academies, and any other soccer organization in membership.

The primary goals of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program are to:

  • Set clearly defined standards and expectations for member organizations;
  • Recognize excellence in the soccer community;
  • Raise the level of all soccer organizations throughout Canada; and,
  • Drive change in the soccer system.