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Return-To-Play Phase One Video

Must watch before your first training session.

The PGYSA/PG Impact have finalized our Return-to-Play (RTP) plans and are excited to release our Phase One and Phase Two programs.

The Phase One RTP program is built to meet the current social distancing guidelines/standards required by the health authority and sport's governing bodies. Therefore, the design for our Phase One program consists of a 4-week physical fitness, coordination, agility, and technical development training program. The purpose of this program is to bring players back to game fitness in a safe, coordinated, and deliberate manner, after months away from the sport.

Our Phase Two RTP program, scheduled for implementation this fall, is preliminarily built on projected small group training guidelines. The training sessions are designed around small sided interactions (e.g., 3v3/4v4/5v5), where teachings on player movement, ball mastery, and tactical fundamentals will be the focus. We are also hoping to offer a Vancouver Whitecaps camp as part of Phase Two RTP. This will be confirmed in August.

Athlete, parent, volunteer and staff health is very important to our Club. As such, please note we are committed to meeting all required RTP guidelines.  

Thanks to the City of Prince George, all our governing bodies and all our Club supporters for their patience & support over the past few months.


  • Phase One Training Options:  Two days a week or Four days a week from July 21, 2020 to August 14, 2020.
  • Phase One Training Stages: Training to Train/Training to Compete (11-18).
  • Phase Two Training Options:  One/Two/Four days a week depending on program from  September 10, 2020 to October 14, 2020 (weather permitting).
  • Phase Two Training Stages:  Fundamentals/Learning to Train/Training to Train/Training to Compete (6-18).
  • The Physical Literacy Soccer Program (3-5) will be released at a future date. We are waiting to confirm Phase Two guidelines prior to distribution.

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